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Exploiting Subconscious

Posted by Neeraj Kumar on February 5, 2007

Have you ever wondered why in order to think, you have to stop thinking? Stop thinking here means, ‘actively’ thinking. Why do you get more ideas or thoughts when we are least bothered to think about it? Shower? Walk in the park? It is a proven fact (not literally!) that subconscious mind is more powerful than  conscious mind. I find it so hard to switch my brain ‘off’ because my subconscious is always active without me having conscious knowledge of it. Here is a link to ‘Nature‘ magazine article (Read the synopsis if you don’t get complete access). This talks about brain activity when we are asleep. (Have you ever solved your Maths problem while you were asleep?)

The conscious mind captures a very detailed version of an event or situation, it will notice the colors, sounds etc. so it is too busy creating a very detailed construct. Where as the subconscious organizes information from the conscious mind w.r.t to the past and existing memory archive structure. It compares and contrasts events and new memories with old ones to archive. In that process it sees similarities and draws conclusions that the conscious mind cannot at least initially with all the clutter (Thanks buddy).

So, how can we exploit our subconscious? Tip: In order to comprehend a situation/problem better or to comprehend it all, let your conscious mind take it in, but let your subconscious mind work on it (Well said Tia, wherever you are). One should always have a pen and paper handy because most wonderful and brilliant thoughts come when you are least expecting it.

Its yours. Exploit it!

(This is an extract from one of my random posts in one of the random forums. )

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