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Is this News?

Posted by Neeraj Kumar on December 2, 2008

Recent events of Mumbai have given Indian news channels another low hanging fruit to latch on to and they have seized the opportunity with loudest possible bang. Emotional story of a survivor is shown with melodramatic tunes and loud gunshots and bomb explosions playing in the background. Same images are flashed again and again. Brave “citizen journalists” who went back inside the hotel amidst attacks to capture memorable footage is now broadcast on every channel and the citizen is now a celebrity. Narration has hit its lowest and news feels more like trailer of a bad, very bad, Hollywood action movie. If content has gone down the drain, quality of presentation is in a free-fall. Every piece of news is claimed to be exclusive to the channel brought to you in record time.

But, this is probably the curse of round the clock news channel with fiery anchors who always seem to be on adrenaline inducing drugs.

If there are any recommendations, do let me know but, every channel that I have tuned in to leaves me with flashing images and high pitched voice of loud-mouthed anchors.

4 Responses to “Is this News?”

  1. Zen India said

    Yes you are right. Let it be Barkha Dutt or Serdesai. Everyone sang the same tune. The quality of content and presentation has deteriorated drastically.

    TV reporters today do not consider themselves less mighty than Prime Minister of India. Only and only live commentary as of a match was given. I did not find any analysis. Even if there were any discussions, they never concluded in sensible results.

    The channels should have directly said about the pathetic conditions of India…….I should say …unfortunately.

  2. Yes, the channels have morphed themselves to cater for the masses. Its very similar to the load of trash that is coming out of Bollywood.

    The image I have of Barkha Dutt is that of her reporting during Kargil war. There are really intelligent men like Prannoy Roy, Karan Thapar, Rajdeep Sardesai. But, content has been of awfully low standard on these channels for most part that they broadcast.

  3. Ashish said

    Hey man, this is completely unrelated to your post. Didn’t notice your comment on the itasveer blog earlier. Hope all’s well. Thanks a ton for the shout-out!

  4. […] barely watch Hindi news channels. I already have expressed my opinion about these channels in one of my earlier posts. Today’s performance was just as despicable. Surprisingly, most sensible questions came from a […]

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