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Lets play!

About Me

This blog is not to address every problem for there are too many but, quite often tries to discuss issues that bring to light different shades of human behaviour which, I believe, is strongly driven by vanity and temptation of all kinds often leading to increasing lack of compassion for others, culminating in to the most superficial form of life.

Feel free to leave a message of love or hatred as either will give me a warm feeling for whats the point if you can’t make any kind of impression.

Live in Mumbai. Work in a Bank. Sleep at night. Dream during the day.

I am On Twitter and like everyone, on Facebook.

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Espy said

    dude! would you like to write for the Guest Columns of my web site? 🙂

  2. Sandeep said

    Hey Dude!!

    gr8 going man!! i read some of the articles and found then really interesting and few thought provoking!!

    gr8 to see these..keep it up!!

  3. Thanks Sandeep! Its pretty much the case of putting on this blog whatever comes to my head without feeling the need to run for a confessional box!

  4. anant said

    hi neeraj!
    try to write about 3 b’s.first b stand for bihar,second b stands for bhojpuri,third b stands for bollywood.

  5. amit mishra said

    simply great work !

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