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Formula One: India Enters the Race. Literally!

Posted by Neeraj Kumar on January 11, 2008

Note: I know it is old news. So what. I don’t reach office everyday on time either. Moreover, they announced their driver recently which heats things up.

India takes another stride towards establishing itself as a global player. Enters Formula One! Strictly speaking, there is no such concept of a team from a particular country but, with us, nationalist sentiment invariably puts India at the forefront. Moreover, the team is called “Force India”. (Listen to the webcast on this website!) Only team with a country’s name in it!

Vijay Mallya says, “I feel proud that an Indian has put its flag on the F1 circuit.” This makes it quite clear how eager successful Indians are to put India on the global map. Tata did it by winning the deal for Corus and coming up with world’s most economical car, Tata Nano. And obviously, Tata is the favourite to acquire globally recognised luxurios car brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford.

More success will inadvertently subject us to greater scrutinly and thus the importance of being gracious has never been greater. We should not project the image that as the confidence of the nation is growing we are becoming graceless and arrogant. We need to learn from some of the mistakes we committed during the Cricket Fiasco.

Our country is growing. Its time to grow as individuals.

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